Good Boys

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weeniewimp – findom /wallet rape snot


Mistress I can hardly wait until we can connect so that you can rape my wallet right before your rape me of my manhood and leave me a quivering mess with an empty wallet and an expensive mouthful of my own disgusting jizz. – Weeniewimp



beaver – wishlist pig


Mistress I don’t know why I’ve fallen so quickly and completely under your control; I just know that pleasing you provides me such an incredible rush of pleasure whenever I am able to do something that pleases you. Your pleasure is so strong, so intoxicating – everything else just fades away and I float in a cloud of pure, overpowering ecstasy. It’s like I feel your penetrating me to my core, taking possession of me and making me yours. And I love that feeling of surrendering to you. You are so powerful, so beautiful, so perfect. I just can’t get enough of you. 

You are awesome. – Jim