Butt Sniffer and Beaver

Butt Sniffer is one of my callers on NiteFlirt and he has a gross fetish for poo, stinky farts, and golden showers.  I can care less, to be honest, it makes me money!  He’s been one of my regular callers for the past several months and it’s only getting more intense as we talk.  He’s even offered to fly out to me and pay me $1000 to poo on him… haha haha  Ridiculous, right.  This past week I sold him an image of my poo for $50 bucks that I was sitting on!  It was so pretty I had to take a picture of it.  My only regret is not selling it to him for a higher amount due to NF taking their cut, I actually only got $35.  Poo.


Beaver is still on it, he bought me more things this past week and they are just now arriving.  A pair of running sneakers, 3 pairs of Jeans, 2 Workout pants, several Facial products and a Derma roller.  Every time I’ve asked him for something he doesn’t hesitate, he does as he’s told.  No questions asked, he just does.  I fucking love that about him.  I AM a very happy girl!!!!  I love a good boy that knows how to spoil his Queen (as he calls me).  Now if only I had more of him… hmmm?


 Youyaner 4 in 1 Microneedle Derma Roller Kit

• Asics Running Shoes  (size 9)

American Eagle Outfitters Site

• AEO Denim X Jegging (size 10 – regular) 

• AEO Denim X Super Low Jegging (size 10 – regular)

• AEO Denim X Super Low Jegging (size 10 – regular)

• Aerie Play Printed Legging (medium)

 Aerie Play Zipper Pocket Legging (medium)





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