Beaver came out swinging!

So the beaver disappeared for a bit and now he’s back full throttle.  He came swinging gifts left and right, he definitely didn’t hold back and I love it.  Just like the first time it all started with a pair of Die Antwoord concert tickets.  I assigned him the task of purchasing me a pair of tickets and he delivered, no hesitations.

Let’s see, in a matter of 17 days he’s spoiled me rotten with gifts and money.  First, he sent a pair of concert tickets ($248), then PayPal money ($310) when he learned I had a small hand burn accident.  The following morning he sent more PayPal money ($300) letting me know he was thinking of me and hoping I was feeling better.  Couple days later he sent a Hooters gift card ($100) for me and a friend.  He also had some making up for missing my birthday and so he sent me a first edition copy of a book I wanted ($40), a t-shirt and sticker ($45) from a certain street artist I like, and some facial Argan Oil ($45).  A Regal Movies ($50) gift card.   A pair of UGG Boots ($175), but he ordered the wrong ones and so he went back and ordered the correct ones and chose not to cancel the first order and so I got a second pair of UGG Boots ($208)!! He also sent me a gift certificate ($140) to my favorite spa for a deluxe massage w/private bath, I’m so excited for this one!  And finally, he also sent spending money ($200) via PayPal for the night of the concert.   Wheew!  I don’t think I missed anything but what can I say…. Good boys will be good boys (lol).

In the words of the beaver “Nobody deserves to be spoiled more than you, and I am so excited to be able to serve you like this.  There’s just something about you that says to me,”Please Her. Worship Her. Make Her happy.”.  I don’t want to think about it too much – I just want to enjoy the dizzy, pleasurable feeling that you inspire. I am your eager beaver, and proud and happy to be.”  


 Classic Ugg Boots (size 9)

 Simmens Ugg Boots (size 9)

• Josie Maran Argan Oil



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