The humiliation of paying $3500 for a set of blue balls wasn’t enough to keep this filthy paypig away!!

This story is long overdue!

So I receive this email one day through My NiteFlirt account and it’s from Winniewimp;

Subject: A call I’d like

I love humiliation – about being a pathetic wimp and little dicked hand humper.  I would love to do a call with you where you make me go on cam and show you my pathetic 3.5 inch hard weenie so you can laugh hysterically and then when I beg for you to show yourself on cam, you wallet rape me with forced large tributes (at least 3 figures). after you come on cam, continue to torture me and edge me as you pour on the humiliation and laughter.  Eventually I will be begging to cum but deny me, as only real men get to cum when they want, not clit-dicked wimps .  Finally I will be crying and say I will do anything to cum . “Anything – do you know what that means, wimp?”   If I say that I do and will do anything, be ruthless and charge me a cum tax of at least 3 times what I’ve already paid.  Laugh hysterically when I actually pay it. Then when I say “is it okay if I cum now, Goddess?”  Laugh and say that while you did say I could cum, you didn’t say how.  Make me get on my back with my legs over my head so my little dick is pointing down at my face, demand I open my mouth and ejaculate directly into my own mouth while you watch and laugh,  Take pictures or video if you want.

Sound interesting? Let me know


HELL YEAH IT SOUNDS INTERESTING!  Wouldn’t you?  For sure any NiteFlirt pso would have gladly taken this call, it just so happened to be that I was the lucky ducky this day and with that said I went to work.  I accepted his crazy request and after exchanging a few emails we coordinated a date and time for us to “play”, he even sent a tribute of $100 as a little token of faith that he would actually call.  Cha-ching!  I’ll take it.

Although I was familiar with findom calls those calls consisted of paid per minute talk and small tributes here and there, but this was the first time ever being offered money in exchange for a little live cam shit talking session.  Strange things happens to me all the time that it’s hard to share with people sometimes because they sounds so unbelievable, but this was just another occurrence in My world and this time I feel the need to share the story of My first wallet rape.

Okay so fast forward several days later and I get the paid per minute call from weeniewimp, and we connect via Skype. I have to say I was very nervous taking this call, I didn’t know what to expect, I had never taken a call like this before but one look at him and I calmed the fuck down. lol He was so not intimidating at all, he was this dorky looking older white man who looked  about 60’ish, beady little eyes with thin framed glasses, fat and completely NAKED!  He didn’t even wait for me to instruct him to remove his clothes, he was ready to go, so go we went!

After speaking with him for a few short minutes with only him on cam it came down to My turn and I did exactly what he asked of Me, I “forced” a large tribute of at least 3 figures per his request.   My request?  $500.  I remember him hesitating a bit to the amount in a bit of shock, but a quick little redirection AND  Cha-ching!  Tribute sent.  Shocked?  So was I! I actually hadn’t put any thought into numbers, this all sounded so ridiculous I didn’t think it was actually going to happen so I blurted out the first number that came to mind since the only words I seemed to recall at that exact moment were forced and large tribute.

Once I got on cam that’s when all the fun began, I won’t go into details about what exactly happened as I’m sure you already have a good idea from the email above, but this is what the damage looked like by the time I got done with him, $3500 into My PayPal account.what-manhood

Sadly for Me this poor (lucky) pig was unable to pay his cum tax (3x’s the paid amount, you do the math) and so was denied the right to cum for Me.  Boo hoo. lol As you can see from his email (pic) above he was not so happy with his newly purchased set of blue balls.  His balls must have hurt more than his bank account because he got the amount he gave up wrong, lol.  The blue balls must have been clouding his mind.  If you’re into blue balls I would say this was a good set wouldn’t you?  I was totally doing the happy dance when we disconnected but quickly stopped when I realized the funds could possibly never go through if he decided to just cancel all transactions, but he didn’t, I got paid the full amount.  HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE!!!

Okay so I know what you’re thinking, $3500 and he didn’t even get to cum?  Hell no!  He said “be ruthless and charge me a cum tax of at least 3 times what I’ve already paid”.  He couldn’t, he didn’t, and so he was denied and that was the end of that.


Can you believe this crazy hand humping no dick cum slut pig wanted to do it all over again!  You better fucking believe it!

Fast forward a few months later and I noticed him lurking on My NiteFlirt page so I messaged him, asking if he wanted to get fucked again?

This was his reply:

I do want to get fucked over by you, and I know that as a wimp I don’t get to set the rules, but unfortunately I need to have a few things agreed on first.


You better believe your ass I was celebrating before the call even took place, I was about to GET PAID again!  I gladly replied back accepting his terms, and after a few short emails we were set to go.  He must have been so excited that he sent the $500 I requested for the cam call in advance without Me having to ask.

I love good subservient men!


The day of he sent one last email;

ok Goddess.   I’ll be ready in a few minutes.  can we do the whole thing on skype and paypal and not go through niteflirt to connect?  Its been weeks since I’ve had an orgasm so I’m totally ripe for the picking.  You said for me Cum Big – not sure if you meant by ejaculating a large amount of cash into your account or a large amount of semen on my face – the cash is up to you, so I hope you make yourself happy that way and the semen – well I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. So I think you will have your money shot that you have been wanting.  and like I said before its fine to take pictures but just keep them for yourself or show to your friends ok?

Turn on your Skype when you are ready


Let Me just say that 1: I was talking about him shooting a big fat load on his face not the amount of money he was gonna lose that day.  2: he wanted a single cum tax transaction.  SO it needed to be good. (I wonder if he thought that it was going to hurt less this way)  3: “the cash is up to you, so I hope you make yourself happy that way”.   BEAUTIFUL FUCKING WORDS!  Don’t mind if I do, and I did.

I made Myself $4,500 happy that day. Cha-ching!


The cha-ching that I heard when this went through was fucking orgasmic!  Trust Me when I tell you girls and boys, he DID hesitate.  In a quivery and pathetic voice I heard him say, “but Mistress that’s such a large amount” and once again, a little sweet talking and a little redirecting was all it took.  Oh yeah, that and the fact that I wouldn’t allow him to stop stroking his little pinky dick the entire time while trying to complete the transaction. lol Whaaat?  I wanted to make sure he was thinking with the right head(wink) so I could get paid.

This time around weeniewimp DID get to cum, he came a hot 5 thousand dollar cum shot all over his pathetic pig face!  Let me repeat that, I said 5 fucking k!!!!

HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE!!!  All the way to the bank.

I would say that that ladies and gentlemen (and pigs) was another successful wallet rape.  =)

 My newfound feelings on wallet raping.tumblr_mubxxh27fj1qbjaizo1_400

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