eagerbeaver has a Mistress!

So I decided to stake My claim on eagerbeaver and “adopt” him or so to speak.  He now ONLY serves one, ME!  A real sub has but only one Mistress.  Period.  I AM his human, and he is My pet.  Like any good boy does, he takes instructions well.  So far all My commands have been followed, down to the removal of all other Mistresses on his Twitter.  For being an old man he sure moves quickly!  Hahaha.  Seriously, though this was a no brainer, I shouldn’t have had to ask, take notes future subs.

Anywho, I made him SO HAPPY that he celebrated by sending another $100 and knocking off more items from the wishlist.  Woot! Woot! So that was $200 plus additional gifts all in a matter of a couple of hours!  Hahaha.  I love my life.  Let’s see; he sent some new UGG boots, GoPro 5,  a pair of running shoes and some Chucks,  he was even greedy and sent all 3 of the same body polishes that I had down not giving anyone else an opportunity to buy one for Me!  That’s a GOOD BOY, excited to please Me!  I left out a few other things that he sent but seriously who’s counting, he’s still sending shit!  (Totally doing the happy dance right now, I’m totally LOVING this)  I WANT MORE LIKE him SERVING ME!!  Seeking a Mistress?

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