Update on eagerbeaver

eagerbeaver that’s so eager2please:  So far he’s stepped up to the challenge of clearing My shopping list but has not quite committed all the way.  Still, there are 11 items left, but I have CONFIDENCE that he’ll soon chop, chop at the rest!  Hahaha.  The longer the items sit, the more likely I’ll return to replace them with better and more expensive ones.  Like the GoPro that replaced some silly heels and the awesome winter UGG boots that replaced I don’t remember what but I  highly suggest you get to it cause I’m going be adding a few more things to that list, and I wouldn’t want you falling behind.  Hahaha.  See how much I care for you that I’m watching out for you. I know how this ALL brings you so much pleasure My eagerbeaver, and I’m so HAPPY that I can be here for you, to help you with this type of release that not everyone understands.  I do enjoy making you happy.  Making ME Happy brings you joy, and there’s NOTHING wrong with that.  Bringing sad boys joy is MY life’s pleasure.
Bring on the rest of the SadBoys; I’m here for you!
(I have the craziest smirk on My face right now as I type I fucking LOVE it)  Hahaha.
Update on Update:  Not only did he send $100 via PayPal but he’s removed another 2 items from the list.  One of the items had 3 on it and he send ALL 3 (till counts as 1)!  Hahaha.  He’s having too much fun, packages have been arriving everyday.
UPDATE: All items have been purchased! 🖕🏼

Pleasing Me is Good for you.  

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