My eagerbeaver

eager2please is OnTop of it!  I speak, he listens, and takes action!  Take notes bitches. This eagerbeaver has been a busy rodent, he’s been busy building Me a dam of Amazon Wishlist packages, and I’m fucking LOVING it!  After finally getting around to breaking down the boxes I hadn’t realize how much shit he’s been sending.  Nikon Camera & Accessories, and a bunch of other sexy shit. Hahaha.  He even forgot to finalize a purchase after bragging to me about it; I noticed his mistake, and he was told to fix it,  and he did so immediately, he was also told to do better after seeing what he added to the cart.  Lol Not only did he add more items but he was SMART enough to send ME $100 via PayPal for being a forgetful old man.  Hahaha!
Do you want to know what I think?  I think since you missed a very special milestone in My life (Sweet 16) that you have some making up to do.  Appropriately there are 16 items on my Wishlist old man, and My birthdays (everyday is My bday) are ALL special to Me but 16 was a very innocent and unique one, and you missed it.   Doesn’t that make you sad?  Remember, you can NEVER be too late or too early to CELEBRATE ME.  Hahahaha  Let’s see if this eagerbeaver is really eager2please!   
UPDATE:  ALL items have been purchased!! 🖕🏼 🖕🏼 🖕🏼
When was the last time you had this much FUN!  Get it done.
Cash is POWER!


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