Nine Minutes

Okay, okay, it was really 29 minutes but it was the last 9 minutes that really mattered.  Weak little jay called My ignore line very early one morning and for the first 9 minutes he just listened to ME breath.  Wee into the 9th minute I heard his little faggot ass say “raise the rate” then click.  lol So I did.  Sure enough the little faggot called back.  This time he listened for 2 minutes before hearing his little faggot voice once again say “raise the rate” then click.  lol So I did.  Again the faggot calls back, and we continue this for a few more calls while I continue to raise the rate on him.  I even got up out of bed to relieve myself during one of the calls and I could hear his faggot breath begin to pant heavier and heavier as he heard the sounds of ME pee… lol Dirty little fucker!

Anyways, by the last call which was call number 7 I was finally fully awake and highly aroused at how stupid this weak shit was so I decided to changed the rate to the fullest amount allotted which was $50 a minute.  Not knowing whether he would actually call back or not I decided to pulled out My beautiful and faithful wand vibrator that I keep under My pillow to get Myself off.  Okay who am I kidding here, I knew his little bitch ass would call back, I don’t know why I did, I just did, I’m that fucking fabulous!  Back to the 9 minutes… so he calls back and I still I say nothing, I simply grab My vibrator, turn it on, and slowly slip it between My legs, (his pathetic breath instantly told ME he knew what the sound was) and I slowly start to work the vibrating head between My pussy lips that are already super wet from the thoughts of being paid, and quickly My lips begin to tremble.  Hmmmmm tremble and tremble My pussy did, the longer he stayed on the phone the wetter My pussy got.  The vibrations were to great to handle My pussy could take no more it EXPLODED!!!  I could hear his little bitch ass huffing and puffing away as I slowly drifted Myself into ecstasy.  Hmmmmm boy was it good…  SIGH.

It was soooo gooood I woke up a few minutes later to the sound of My phone beeping off the hook.  hahahahaha This little bitch ass stayed on the phone for 9 minutes while his tab was being ran at $50 a minute!  $50 x 9 = $450  and that doesn’t include the first 20 minutes of being ignored.  Total damage for 29 minutes on ignore line = $600 and change… fucking PRICELESS!!!

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