Yeay!! My first post.

Well that’s that.  I finally tweeted My first tweet and now My first post.  I feel so amazingly accomplished, I really feel the need to be Celebrated at this moment!! hehe =)  Come My little kumquats, come celebrate My Greatness!  I know you want to, you’re that losing internet freak that’s weak and pathetic sitting in front of the screen day after day, night after night.  lol The type of weak man that may take a look at ME and immediately come to the conclusion that he must lust after My beauty, My words, My spirit, simply put, ME.  You’re weak and can’t help yourself but fall in love with ME.  I fill your pain with joy, and since you have no real life, you want to live yours for ME and through ME, too dedicated yourself to ME.  You long to dedicate your life to greatness, greatness that feels unattainable but god damn it you’re going to try!  Everything that I AM you shall worship, the good, the bad, the ugly AND the evil!  You will Worship ME with everything that you are and everything that you have!  I want you weak and on your knees always begging to want to serve and give to Me.  Weak and Pathetic you are and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Think of ME as your new Universe, the universe that will grant you a better life after you take the first step to servitude.  Giving to ME is good for you, don’t fight it… SUBMIT.

Are you ready to fall in Love, feel some Embarrassment, Self loathing and Regret fuckboys?

I AM!!!

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